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Italian kitchen 
+ market

Our menu has plenty of options, but

pasta lovers will be especially delighted.



Matt and Nikki Barrett along with their business partners Lucy and Mark Griffin came together to make Matt's lifelong dream of d.Donatelli Italian Kitchen + Market come to fruition. Truly a labor of love and service, the restaurant business isn't for the faint of heart. Long hours and high temperatures tend to push people out of this industry. Matt, however, says it's in his blood. Once it is a part of your personality it's hard to do anything else. They are excited to invite you to the extension of their home. Come alone or bring your crew, just sit and relax and leave the heavy lifting to the team. d.Donatelli is both a polished service dining experience, complete with a chef crafted seasonal menu, and a market. While you are in for a visit feast on the hand-trimmed NY Strip and remember you are able to grab a pan of lasagna to cook for Sunday dinner from the Market. 


seasonal menu

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good times





Donna Donatelli

She was an incredible woman who was passionate about Jesus, family and food. From intentional family gatherings around her cavatini or volunteering at church; Donna did everything with abounding joy. She loved Jesus, People, and Food. 


d. Donatelli Italian Kitchen will honor Donna's memory, exemplify the life she led and will operate with principles that she taught us. She loved the Lord above all, she put others before herself and, she treated her friends like family. Sitting around the table with good food and friends was her favorite and she believed that it was the small moments together that create a wonderful life. Looking back now we realize just how wise she was! Welcome to Double D's we hope you get to experience a small piece of such a wonderful woman and mother! 

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Whether you’re planning to enjoy time with family, dinner with friends, or a private event, there will always be a table for you at d. Donatelli. 

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Rumor Has It.        


“They are actually making pasta from scratch!!! I'll be eating here everyday!”


“First Class all the way. Thank you for letting us be your test group. Our dinner was amazing!”


“We have been waiting a year for this place to open. Inspiring story of local people investing in our town. Community supporter and advocate for other people. Can't wait!!!!”


“The perfect location. The only thing better than the atmosphere is the food.”

"A Bene Placito "

meaning : from one well pleased.                

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